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The New .50 Caliber Rifle Gas Checks Are Ready to Go!

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We are now selling a .50 Rifle caliber gas check made from .025 gilding brass. They weigh about 14 grains each and fit very tight on a .468 shank.  The new design has been tested on 500 to 850 grain bullets with good results. This new .106 tall gas check was intended as an all-around rifle gas check. Now ready to ship out quickly.

Check Out The New .50 Rifle Gas Check By Clicking Here: .50R

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New .50 Rifle Caliber Copper Gas Checks Are In The Testing Phase!

We just started testing a new .50 BMG caliber gilding brass gas check. We borrowed a NOE 850gr .514 mold from rockrat on the cast boolits forum. We just sized one for the first time with a .104 tall .517 gas check. The bullet came out at 838 grains with a 50/50 wheel weight / [...]

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Customer Review / .44 Caliber Small Shank Aluminum Gas Checks

A customer gave us feed back on our .44 Small Shank aluminum gas checks. These are our .018 .44 rifle gas checks made about .003 undersized inside the cup. We use a fairly thick aluminum, so these will size up to the larger bores too.Ron Neifer: "This is an example of the undersized checks used [...]

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New gilding brass gas checks are in the works!

We are offering a new version of our copper gas checks. You will see new products made with gilding brass added all year long. The recently released, 8mm, .375, .30, .303 and .44 caliber gas checks are all made with .017 thick 210 copper, also known as gilding brass. These new designs are unique to [...]

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Thanks for a great year!

We are finishing up this year on a good note, its been a busy month!  Some have missed the convenience of using Amazon Pay, you don't have that payment option now because Amazon Pay cancelled our account. Apparently they do not approve of us selling gas checks. It surprised us since the Amazon web site sells [...]

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New Copper Calibers & Fixed Email

We are now producing .22, .30, .35, 7mm, 8mm, .44 and .45 calibers in copper and aluminum. In the last couple months we have been setting up new tooling that produces a better quality product. We added a larger press that operates faster. So now, our production capacity has increased. Large wholesale orders can be [...]

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New .30 Copper Gas Check Option for 2017!

Sage's Outdoors has a new .30 caliber offering this month. Available in Copper for the first time. These are our own commercial quality .30 gas check made in house with revised tooling. These are made with no defects or dimples. Ready to ship out starting today at $23.00 per 1000 bag.Click here for our Copper [...]

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New .44 aluminum gas checks for 2017

We now have two .44 caliber aluminum gas check types. One will be a new revised .44 gas check that works on most bullets with normal shank size and one that works with the average Lee aluminum mold. The gas checks for the Lee molds are made with a hard thick alloy to bite the smaller [...]

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Shipping Rate Changes

The USPS shipping rates calculator has been charging higher than needed postage lately. We have been refunding the excess postage, but it doesn't look like the USPS software will be fixed anytime soon. Its been going on for too long, so we have decided to offer 3 tiered flat rate shipping that hopefully will simplify [...]

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New Products for July

We have custom aluminum gas checks for the 8MM /.323 LEE Precision Karabiner & Maximum Molds. The 8mm/.323 gas checks are made from .012 annealed aluminum litho plate. Will slip on a .308 shank. Can size to .325, just like our 10mm and .45 plain base checks these hold very tight: Shop Now Check out [...]

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