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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

What type of Gas Checks do you make?

Our Aluminum Gas Checks are made to take a good crimp. After years of testing, we have learned to increase or decrease metal thickness and hardness for the various calibers to give good crimping ability.

All gas checks must be used on a uniform cast bullet of correct size. The gas check must fit totally flat and square against the base of the bullet. Sometimes that requires some effort using various methods. This is critical for good results. Cast bullet quality will determine how well the system works.


What is a Gator Gas Check?

It's a copper gas check that is very well made and has a nice "bite". The Gator Checks are made with a copper alloy designed for gas check use. These are quality copper gas checks made like the better known commercial brand.


What about Plain Base Gas Checks?

They do fit very tight when sized base first with a light lube. We've had very good feedback on them. But, they do require more attention to seating or making sure they are on straight. Going base first through the sizer reduces the chance of tearing the gas check off. Our Plain Base checks are made from thin annealed aluminum.


What about metal thickness?

The gas checks sold by Sage's Outdoors are made to fit as specified. Our tool dies are designed to work with a certain metal thickness to produce the desired results. Therefore, the metal thickness is only one factor for best overall bullet fit. After years of receiving feedback, we have made refinements to our tools and types of metals. Hardness and thickness all play a factor. Sage's Outdoors makes gas checks that fit the most commonly used cast bullets.