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Cast Bullet Reloading

Cast Bullet Reloading

Cast Bullet Reloading Tips

The Los Angeles Silhouette Club has excellent articles on cast bullet alloys, heat treating and good reference guides. The articles go into detail on the difference between clip on and stick on wheel weights, foundry lead, plumber’s lead, linotype, monotype, Lyman’s #2 etc.

If you are not already aware of LASC, follow this link to the Cast Bullet Notes for more information on improving your cast bullets: LASC Cast Bullet Notes


Using a push through sizer?

We suggest you put the bullet's base through first if possible. This is important with the thinner gas checks and especially with the plain base versions. While using the LEE dies we came across some with a rough ring inside. If your having trouble with a ring inside the mouth, you can easily smooth it up with a die grinder stone by using a slow varible speed drill.

Loose or tight fitting gas checks?

Bullet molds of various brands can vary in shank size. We have seen small shanks in recent Lyman and LEE bullet molds. The LEE reproduction molds especially tend to run undersized on the shanks. Our aluminum gas checks have been tested on many bullet molds, but we haven't tried them all. In 2013, some of our gas checks were revised to work with the military reproduction molds like the 7mm Soup Can.

If you are having trouble finding a good fitting gas check, just contact us with the details. It's very helpful to know the actual shank size at the bullet's base or the largest section of the tapered shank. We can also custom fit your bullets upon request. The aluminum gas checks are fairly flexible, we some times have more than one die size for a caliber and some can be made with a different thickness of metal. We prefer email please, include a phone number and the specifics. We will answer back as soon as possible.