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Wholesale Gas Checks

Wholesale Gas Checks

We offer some of our gas checks in large quantities on a wholesale basis. Both aluminum and copper based gas checks are available most of the time and we try to keep a bulk supply ready to ship. Items can be ordered in 1,000 quantity increments. We also offer bulk bags of 20,000 or larger if you use your own packaging. The gas checks are shipped using USPS Flat Rate Boxes worldwide. Our minimum order varies upon the caliber chosen.


Presently we offer the following gas checks in copper or aluminum on a wholesale basis:

.22/.224 Caliber

7mm Caliber

.30/.308 Caliber

8mm Caliber

.35/.357/.38 Caliber

.44 Pistol Caliber

.45/.454 Caliber


These gas checks are commercial quality and made with premium materials. For more information or ordering its best to contact us by email. Often we are in the noisy shop and can't hear the phone. When inquiring for wholesale orders please leave a message including your contact information and the best time to reach you.


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