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Shipping Rate Changes

The USPS shipping rates calculator has been charging higher than needed postage lately. We have been refunding the excess postage, but it doesn't look like the USPS software will be fixed anytime soon. Its been going on for too long, so we have decided to offer 3 tiered flat rate shipping that hopefully will simplify [...]

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New Products for July

We have custom aluminum gas checks for the 8MM /.323 LEE Precision Karabiner & Maximum Molds. The 8mm/.323 gas checks are made from .012 annealed aluminum litho plate. Will slip on a .308 shank. Can size to .325, just like our 10mm and .45 plain base checks these hold very tight: Shop Now Check out [...]

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June Product Updates!

Sage's Outdoors is offering more Gator Gas Checks in 250 count bags, we are building inventory this week and updating the website. A new pistol shot reloading kit is now available in .357, .44 and .45 calibers. Great for snake control. Check them out here: Shot Wad KitsWe just restocked our .500 S&W Gator Checks, they [...]

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New website upgrade for the summer of 2016!

Welcome to your blog!We have completely overhauled Sage's Outdoors web-store and changed to a new eCommerce host. Existing customers may need to double check their account info, the data doesn't always transfer exactly when moving to new software. If you have any issues our webmaster can fix things, best to contact us by email [...]

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