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New Copper Calibers & Fixed Email

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We are now producing .22, .30, .35, 7mm, 8mm, .44 and .45 calibers in copper and aluminum. In the last couple months we have been setting up new tooling that produces a better quality product. We added a larger press that operates faster. So now, our production capacity has increased. Large wholesale orders can be filled with minimal wait times. We are offering both aluminum and copper gas checks to wholesale buyers starting this month. 

Click Here For The Wholesale Information Page

Our website Email Form was down recently, we were not receiving contact form messages. The settings were corrupted somehow, got it back to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience. Our emails: sales@sagesoutdoors or sagesoutdoors@yahoo.com are a backup if the contact form gives you no response. But its all working right now.

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