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New gilding brass gas checks are in the works!

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We are offering a new version of our copper gas checks. You will see new products made with gilding brass added all year long. The recently released, 8mm, .375, .30, .303 and .44 caliber gas checks are all made with .017 thick 210 copper, also known as gilding brass. These new designs are unique to Sage's Outdoors. We have responded to customer feedback and have more calibers on the way. 

We have been adjusting our tooling over the winter. The changes are happening quicker since we started making our own gas check dies last year. Our gas checks are tested continuously, we try our best to keep the dimensions from batch to batch consistent. Making the tooling in house allows us to keep things in tip top shape and R&D can happen much faster now.

We appreciate feed back, let us know how the new gas checks work for you.

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