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The New .50 Caliber Rifle Gas Checks Are Ready to Go!

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We are now selling a .50 Rifle caliber gas check made from .025 gilding brass. They weigh about 14 grains each and fit very tight on a .468 shank.  The new design has been tested on 500 to 850 grain bullets with good results. This new .106 tall gas check was intended as an all-around rifle gas check. Now ready to ship out quickly.

Check Out The New .50 Rifle Gas Check By Clicking Here: .50R

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New .50 Rifle Caliber Copper Gas Checks Are In The Testing Phase!

We just started testing a new .50 BMG caliber gilding brass gas check. We borrowed a NOE 850gr .514 mold from rockrat on the cast boolits forum. We just sized one for the first time with a .104 tall .517 gas check. The bullet came out at 838 grains with a 50/50 wheel weight / [...]

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