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  • Metal and Vegetable shotshell wads
  • Vegetable shotshell wads

.32 Caliber Shotshell Wad Kit

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 Product Description

.32 H&R Magnum and .32 S&W caliber shot load kits.

Kit comes in two versions. One with thick and thin vegetable wads and a kit with a vegetable powder wads and metal over shot wads. The metal over shot wad is more recoil resistant when your loading with shot loads and normal ammunition. Metal over shot wads are good when you load your cylinder with a few bullets for larger varmints. Recoil from the normal ammunition could dislodge shot loads with only vegetable wads.  Your choice between the two over shot wad types.

Each kit contains 50 powder wads and 50 over shot wads.


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 Product Reviews

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  1. Everything I Needed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 31st 2023

    I loaded some great .32 HR Magnum shot loads using this product. They will certainly get used around my acreage!

  2. Great rat, snake & bee medicine! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2021

    Bought this to make 327 Federal Mag loads for my hiking Ruger SP-101 kit gun as nobody makes shot shells in 32 caliber and the 327 has ample space for 66 grains of # 9 over 5.5 grains of Accurate # 2 for a very potent load with modest 1' spread at 25'.

    Works great on rats, snakes and even boring bees that I have to deal with in some of my home / wooden structures.

    32 H&R Mag work but 327 Fed. Mag allows for a good deal more shot in a relatively compact case.

    Also try to use relatively fast burn powders and the secret to capacity of shot is to use a very high density powder like Accurate # 2 Vs Unique, Bullseye, RedDot etc which are way to bulky and compromise a good deal of shot for the same velocity. Win 231 is a good second choice propellant that's not quite as dense as Accurate but better than the flake powders.

  3. just used it works great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 9th 2020

    it works great I have already shot 12 loads and it performed as needed

  4. Special shot shell 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 21st 2019

    The products works as intended.
    I do prefer to use the # 6 pellets, and load around 60 gr pellets on top of the 4.0 gr base powder loading in my 327 shells.

  5. Great load for my trail kit guns! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 14th 2019

    Absolutely nobody makes a shot load in 32 caliber anything! Really odd being that 32 S&W / Long, 32 H&R Mag, 327 Federal are great light weight 5 or 6 shot pocket wheel guns in 32 caliber and typically smaller than most 38 spl wheel guns which they do make shot loads for. . .

    So being I always carry a 32 as my kit gun of choice (either Ruger SP-101 in 327 Federal or Charter Arms in 32 H&R Mag) I was really pleased to find Sage offering this kit. I reload most all my ammunition and found these loads to be just the ticket for rodents, snakes and the like. Actually took a wasps nest off the side of the garage and did little or no damage to the pine ship lap siding! Range is best at 6' to 10' with a 2" to 3" barrel with these cartridges and light fast burning powder with cast bullet target loadings works well.

    I went with the thicker veg wads and highly recommend the metal wads on the hotter 32 H&R / 327 loads which I used with a slight roll crimp, which worked really well intermixed with full power 125 Grain Cast Rim Rock Keith rounds.

    My wife actually takes a small vintage H&R 32 S&W Long pocket wheel gun on trails with the dogs and now packs some of these shot rounds too.

    So much more effective than 22 rim fire and not much more packing weight. Highly recommend these!

  6. quality wads 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 6th 2019

    Your wads are good quality, but shouldn't the thicker wads be over the powder and the thinner ones over the shot? Just wondering. I'm new to this usage, though I have extensive reloading experience. I did get good patterns either way I did it.

  7. Does what its desiged to do. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 21st 2018

    Used this product to convert some .32 s&w brass to snake shot. Was able to put about 20ea 8shot with the shot was flush with the rim of the brass. Will field test soon.

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